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Transporte Touristique Ouassou 4x4,
N° 152 Hay Ennahda-52200, Erfoud, Morocco
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Website : Www.OuassouTransport4x4.Com

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Welcome to Morocco

We are company of tourism "Ouassou 4x4" is located in the south east section of Morocco, near Erfoud. With their vast experience and knowledge of the country, our drivers are experts and perfect connoisseurs of the Moroccan region. Our company also provides transportation service in 4x4 cars for wonderful tours and excursions. Whether on the slopes of the Atlas with the palm, Kasbah rivers, valleys, gorges or in the desert with dunes, oases and lakes, we offer you a pleasant stay. Accommodations are in hotels of all categories (guesthouses, auberges, bivouacs or shelters along the routes). We also organize trekking in the Atlas Mountains (mountains over 4000m) or in the desert (camel). We offer beautiful Saharan destinations and circuits all around the Sahara desert. Our company provides you safe travels to great locations all around Morocco.